Finding and Moving Into a Small New York Office

Finding and Moving Into a Small New York Office

At Kew Management, we believe that a move to a new office in New York City must be right for the tenant.  If the new office isn’t beneficial for the tenant it will not be good for the landlord.  Your landlord should be interested in your business and your success.  If your business is a success, your landlord will be successful, too.

That’s why we have prepared this brief guide to moving into a small office.  We realize that the process of finding the right office in New York City, negotiating a lease and eventually moving into an office can be daunting — especially for the small business owner. We prepared this guide to help you ask the important questions and make the right decisions before signing a lease.

This guide in three parts:

1.  Deciding What You Need, Budgeting and Scheduling

2.  Choosing a New Office Space for Your Business

3.  Negotiating a Lease and Moving In