Where is Nomad

In 1999, shortly after New York City formally established the Madison Square Park North Historic District, which lies in the center of No (North) Mad (Madison Square), The New York Times coined the District’s name.  Located between 23rd and 30th Streets, from Sixth to Lexington Avenues, NoMad is in the middle of the historic districts of Chelsea, Gramercy and Flatiron.

map of nomad with office space

NoMad Then

Most of our properties are located in NoMad and our flagship buildings were built here in the Gilded Age when the area was the cultural center of the city and the home of the city’s leading families, hotels, theatres, restaurants and clubs.

Then, the area east of Broadway attracted the famous people of the day from the likes of Oscar Wilde, Teddy Roosevelt, Mark Twain, George M. Cohan, Charles Dickens, J.P. Morgan and Thomas Edison to presidents, ambassadors and European heads of state.

The underside of New York was more in evidence to the west of Broadway.  Satan’s Circus, as it was called, boasted bars, brothels, shooting galleries and gambling houses.  It is this extraordinary mix of so many types of people living different but parallel lives that is the essence of NoMad — a diverse world where life is rich and exciting.

As the 20th Century dawned, Madison Square saw the first office spaces become available in buildings built with fine materials and exceptional designs.

Nomad Now

Now a century later, NoMad has come full circle and it is once again filled with world-class hotels, wonderful restaurants, exciting nightlife, unique retail shops, and exciting businesses large and small.  Centrally located in Manhattan with easy access to the entire city, NoMad is the current hub of New York’s creative and tech industries and is seeing an increasing number of luxury residential buildings, making it a unique live/work neighborhood that buzzes with energy.

Much of the areas success must be attributed to its fine architecture and the beautifully restored Madison Square Park.  The park offers a respite from the noise and crowds of the city with beautiful landscaping, historic sculptures, and a full schedule of activities, including MadSqArt, MadSqEats, MadSqKids, and MadSqMusic.

NoMad’s hotels are setting a standard for the city and the world, while some of the country’s greatest chefs, such as Daniel Homm and Mario Batali, are serving up meals in NoMad’s stunning spaces.  The range of dishes offered spans the globe and staggers the imagination.

NoMad offers specialty shopping unavailable in other parts of the city.  Retailers such as Maison Kitsune, Opening Ceremony, Marimekko and Urban Angler, offer a wide range of one-of-a-kind items from fabrics and designer clothing to the finest fishing rods.

NoMad is brimful of nightlife.  Things aren’t quite as wild as they were in Satan’s Circus days, but rooftop nightspots, ubiquitous in Gilded Age NoMad, have made a tremendous resurgence.  There are also bars with encyclopedic whiskey menus, hot jazz, celebrities, stand-up comics and renowned mixologists.

At last, perhaps nothing is so characteristic of the District’s diversity as the fact that both the Museum of Sex and the Museum of Mathematics have located here.

NoMad . . . the district that inspires.TM